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SUJOSU concierge digital technologies give you an out from your traditional ways of operating a business and replace them with class-apart and dependable technology solutions. Experience cutting-edge manufacturing technology services brought to you by expertarchitects, developers, and designers who take your business complexities down to tap on our provided web and mobile solutions.

We emphasizes enabling process automation using digital technology for paperless operations. Digitizationenhances traceability and provides real-time operational visibility. Manufacturing companies are focused on productivity, defect elimination, risk mitigation, safety, improving bottlenecks, and embracing new technologies for their operational efficiencies.

Our methodologies provide contextual information that drives the necessary intelligence for machine-based supervision. The manufacturing industry has witnessed considerable changes in the last decade, including shifting to the customer-centric model. The last few years have presented it with unprecedented changes that will impact the global market and economies. In current times, the most prominent need of this industry is to be operationally and financially resilient. Therefore, in recent months, many companies have shifted their efforts toward digital projects that build agility and scalability to help them manage risk.


  • Enhance agility by leveraging a single window for work and real-time feedback loops for course corrections.
  • Gain on-the-go visibility into operations for agility.
  • Create a seamlessly connected ecosystem of man, machine, and method.
  • Configurability across multiple operations provides many avenues for returns