Hospital Management Solution

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Our Hospital Management System is an integrated information system that manages all the aspects of a hospital’s operations such as medical, administrative, legal, financial, and compliance. It offers Inpatient, Outpatient and Daycare Management, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology, Doctor Portal, Patient Kiosks, Blood Bank, Alert System, Dietary, Feedback, and Business Intelligence. It includes electronic health records, business intelligence, and revenue cycle management. Using our hospital management system will improve the quality of healthcare services, and reduce operating costs.

We offers a unique combination of advanced technology solutions to help drive impactful change, services to digitally transform organizations, and the ability to implement at scale. Health care organizations face multiple challenges in revenue cycle management, which leads to a loss in revenue generation. Inefficiencies in the patient-to-payment cycle have resulted in late payments, underpaid claims, claim denials, and other leakages, severely impacting the financial health of the care provider organization. This presents a unique process, technological and economic challenges and creates the need for innovative solutions.

One of the essential processes in healthcare is Provider credentialing, which ensures patient safety and remains highly complex and confusing for the best of the payers and providers. Some persistent challenges include varying requirements across states, confirming and updating provider information in real-time, and ensuring privacy and security. Health care providers & users have struggled due to the lack of an efficient, integrated, and transparent provider lifecycle workflow.


Automated communication and sharing of information with the customers and consultants/visiting doctors

Automated sharing of information with collaborative institutes/police station/and more

Automated runtime billing and automated intimation to the customer

Automated vigilance of the system and runtime solution

Automated documentation of details of provided services

Minimum manual intervention reduces recurring expenditures.


IPD Management

IP admissions
Bed Management
Discharge Management

RMO Portal

Initial Management
Patient Complaints, Findings, Provisional diagnosis
Automatic suggestions for test (Pathology/Radiology) based on provisional diagnosis
Automatic letter for Police case, if required
Procedures - Central line, ventilators, ABG, Intubation, etc
Blood requisition
Blood requisition report
Termination on patient exit
Case summary can be generated at any time will contain upto date information
Transfusion Order
Investigation requisition - outsource to external agency. Maintains info about external agency


Faster IP admissions
Patient transfers
Real-time bed management
Quick discharge

OT Management

Interactive dashboards
OT work-list & transfer list
Surgery scheduler
Manage approvals

Cath Lab Management

Manage Cath-lab schedule

And many other modules