Health Care

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SUJOSU supports the healthcare industry to drive improvements in cost and quality, innovation and outcomes. Today, healthcare organizations heavily depend on digital technologies, including how they make health care decisions and interact with their health plan. The rise in personalized medicine, more focus on patient outcomes, constantly evolving regulators, pricing, and the emergence of new market players and advances in information technology call for up-gradation of strategy and operations, to maintain a business advantage.

We offers a unique combination of advanced technology solutions to help drive impactful change, services to digitally transform organizations, and the ability to implement at scale. Health care organizations face multiple challenges in revenue cycle management, which leads to a loss in revenue generation. Inefficiencies in the patient-to-payment cycle have resulted in late payments, underpaid claims, claim denials, and other leakages, severely impacting the financial health of the care provider organization. This presents a unique process, technological and economic challenges and creates the need for innovative solutions.

One of the essential processes in healthcare is Provider credentialing, which ensures patient safety and remains highly complex and confusing for the best of the payers and providers. Some persistent challenges include varying requirements across states, confirming and updating provider information in real-time, and ensuring privacy and security. Health care providers & users have struggled due to the lack of an efficient, integrated, and transparent provider lifecycle workflow.