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SUJOSU's objective is to facilitate digital transformation and help institutes create value from education and research perspectives while providing extraordinary student experience.

Two main factors challenge educational Institutes:

  1. Increasing efficiency of services
  2. Improving the quality of student outcomes

This needs to be done without compromising the overall student experience. Technology has the solutions that bridge the gap between imperatives and successful outcomes, enabling digital transformation in education.

Our solutions are aligned to the critical focus areas such as:

  • Managing student lifecycle experience and expectations.
  • Improving institutional effectiveness through quality and efficiency.
  • Leveraging institutional and student data to derive valuable insights and enhance decision-making.
  • Practice innovation to enhance learning and teaching outcomes.

SUJOSU has a wide-ranging experience of working with educational institutes and continues to increase our capabilities. We also excel in providing solutions for the smart campus, digital assessment, performance support, and life-long learning platforms.

We focus on digitalization across two main areas:

Services - To enable seamless digital communication between students and faculty, the education industry must look at new education products while enhancing and converting existing products into digital. At the same time, they would need to migrate offline content/lectures on digital platforms.

Operations - Activities like students' enrollment, registration for programs and courses, examinations/assessments, quality assurance and evaluation,as well as supporting services like study planning, facility management, teacher allocation, scheduling, etc. can be transformed through the adoption of technologies like:

  • Chatbots for student/faculty service will reduce the load of phone lines and assist those who are unable to chat on the phone.
  • Blockchain to store student data such as personal data and learning performance.
  • Analytics to study the performance and abilities of each student, help analyze programs, and serve as a base for machine learning and AI.