Digital Product Engineering

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Staying relevant in today’s digital arena has become a significant challenge for global businesses. Evolving markets and customers expecting services anywhere-anytime create a need for differentiated and scalable solutions that cater to the customers. Delivering value and differentiation in this dynamic economy needs a digital-first mindset – this is the first step for organizations evolving from traditional to digital.

SUJOSU enables clients to accelerate their digital transformation journey through highly optimized digital products tailored to their needs.

SUJOSU customer-centric and agile approach to digital product engineering leverage integrated disruptive technologies – AI/ML, Data Analytics, Cloud, and IoT, combined with design thinking to deliver experience-centric software products for today’s digital economy.

Our digital product engineering services reach across every stage of the software product life cycle to help accelerate software development, software modernization initiatives to transform your digital product experiences.

What We Do

Product Development

Agile and responsive development process from concept to design to development.

Innovation Labs

Stimulate & identify worthy ideas, build PoCs, run controlled trials, vet results scientifically, and deliver actionable insights.

Rapid prototyping

Dedicated UX, graphics and technical teams to create rapid proofs-of-concept when required.

UX Design & Usability Consulting

Consulting and implementation of design software with intricate form-function dynamics of today’s mobile-first world.

“No-Touch” Training

Integrate new engineers quickly into the product development team with a unique program that does not require trainer instructions.