Digital Platform

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SUJOSU designs, develops and implements customer service, contract management lifecycle, sales, and finance processes—with digital at the core—to simplify the operations, reduce the costs, and unlock new ways of engaging customers. Our expertise in cloud, analytics, DevOps and digital architecture deployment has helped us create multiple digital platforms for our clients. You could be our next client who can assist your customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Digital platforms can standardize business processes—making workflows more efficient and transparent—so enterprises can smoothly manage internal functions and satisfy their users. Enterprises can efficiently develop and launch products, service customers, and create intelligence to improve operations and inform business and product strategy through a digital platform. This improved intelligence can equip employees, such as customer service representatives, with data, analytics, and insights to engage customers and generate revenue.

SUJOSU helps attain omnichannel and digital self-service capabilities, combine disparate processes, and reconfigure your operating models to streamline and automate workflows.
Backed by smart analytics, new-age metrics, and continuously optimized managed services, we apply digital at scale to modernize how you work and where you focus your time and energy.
By eliminating the operating inefficiencies that reduce growth, we help you create and capture the value and improve your business outcomes. With our industry know-how and process expertise, we show you how to implement ready-made industry solutions, platforms, and processes and allow you to accelerate your digital transformation and be a more agile enterprise.

Our solutions realize enterprise product catalog, service orchestration, and analytics-based service assurance for service providers using the best products from the industry. Platform services are exposed using standards-compliant open APIs, enabling easy integration of front channels, partner systems, and third-party applications.


Accelerate platform development

Our pre-built microservices can accelerate your platform build-out process and reduce the overall time to achieve process automation.

Accelerate platform data insights

Consolidate and transform raw data from multiple sources into trusted data insights.

Leverage existing investments and skillsets

Increase efficiency, reduce cost, and get more value from existing technology investments.

Reduce time to value

Simplify integrations and speed time to value with integrated analytics, visualization, management and security, and a robust set of APIs.

Streamline migration of use cases

Ease migration from development to test and then test to production with built-in project management.

Ensure security and compliance

Streamline compliance with corporate security and data privacy requirements with enterprise-grade security and control.