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Continuously evolving business environments and the emergence of Cloud, Analytics, Social media, and Mobile communication have compelled Information Technology to be more effective and agile in delivering solutions and services to business units as well as the end-users.

We provide comprehensive capabilities across release automation, release management, and continuous deployment in collaboration with our partners and using state-of-the-art technologies across each layer. We help enterprises to achieve a pipeline using DevOps for end-to-end application release and enabling faster turnaround time for deployment.

Our approach is to transform an enterprise by delivering agile, cost-effective, and end user-centric solutions. Collaboration between the development and operations team is the main objective of DevOps. Utilizing the DevOps methodology enterprises can dramatically decrease the development time of software, quickly identify defects, and provide stable and faster resolutions.

SUJOSUs DevOps experts ensure that your business benefits by incorporating greater agility, quality, and industry stakeholder feedback in the products and services you offer.

Using DevOps is fundamentally changing the way the Development, Operations, and Testing teams interacted with each other in this digital age. Customer Experience is now kept at the top of the pyramid in the DevOps environment and thus in our development cycle.

Current trends in the DevOps environment that SUJOSU leverage:

  • Micro-services architecture allows the ability to design, debug, and update polyglot services. It helps organizations to deliver in a rapid, cost-effective, and secure manner
  • Container technology allows organizations to integrate with major cloud platforms.Docker is one of the fastest-growing container services used for developing and deploying.
  • Automated testing helps in increasing efficiency and accelerating the release of the end product.
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence amalgamate fine with DevOps.Data resides at the heart of DevOps
  • Security is one of the most critical phases in the DevOps pipeline.Considering the security aspect at the development stage eliminates the security vulnerabilities.
  • Automation reduces the turnaround time and increases efficiency.Resources can focus on more critical activities.