Data Platform

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SUJOSU provides a data platform that can ingest multi-format data, perform a whole slew of data cleaning and quality checks, and then process the data to generate insights. Managing data is the critical capability needed for organizations to thrive in this digital world. It's "the competitive advantage" that you gain by managing and leverage data for your growth. The generated insights provide a deeper understanding of your business and help fuel the growth. This process is continuous to improve your organization and operations that help you achieve your strategic objective. Multiple clients are using our expertise and accelerators to implement the data platform in the cloud and on-premises.

We organized data of a global multi-national having distribution spread across the world. We ingested multi-formatted data, performed data clean up and quality checks, processed it and provided insights. Our solution is helping them manage data and streamline their supply chain processes and gain control of their operation, thereby cutting costs.

SUJOSU provided a platform to ingest IoT data generated from various sensors and provide a dashboard. For another client, we processed inverter-generated solar data for independent system operator (ISO) in the USA such that they can improve forecast accuracy of solar energy, thereby improving the efficiency of the energy market.

Our data platform is a solution for end-to-end data processing, from ingestion to action. It processes vast data sets at scale without compromising on latency. It also handles data sets of high velocity, variety and volume, while allowing a range of users from data scientists to business managers to bring real-time data to every question, decision and action. Our data platform will enable users to investigate, monitor and analyze data and take effective action based on the insights revealed.

We believes that as new technologies bring more data, the enterprise must manage these data using a structured data platform that can span across data centers, across cloud and on-premise and cloud. Methodology to process the data from multiple sources and hybrid-cloud is the key to the platforms.

Our approach allows you to complement your organization's data expertise with AI and machine learning for enhanced effectiveness and productivity across industries, use cases, and skillsets. A data platform is a complete solution for ingesting, processing, analyzing, and presenting the data generated by the modern digital organization's systems, processes, and infrastructures. While many point solutions and purpose-built applicationseffectively manage one or more aspects of the data puzzle, a true data platform provides end-to-end data management.