Data Analytics

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SUJOSU's executives have led complex analytics solutions and were part of the core team in IBM in establishing and growing cognitive practice.

SUJOSU provides analytics solutions that leverage human and artificial intelligence to convert data into actionable insights.

SUJOSU's Capabilities: -

Data Architecture Modernization

Strengthen and future-proof your data capabilities to become truly digital. Real-time decisions require a modern data architecture. Data modernization is essential to becoming a digital business.

In today’s scenario, every organization faces extraordinary circumstances and unexpected disruption from the COVID crisis. Business success hinges on accessing all actionable data, anticipating market changes, and quickly scaling operations to deliver products and services effectively.

Companies need a straightforward way to transform how they source, interpret and consume information. That requires flexible data structures and a modern data and analytics platform capable of turning chaos into a catalyst based on insightful, actionable intelligence.Data modernization is essential to becoming a digital business.

Data Operations &Management

Data operations & Management is an agile, process-oriented methodology for developing and delivering analytics. It brings together DevOps teams with data engineers and data scientists to provide the tools, processes and organizational structures to support the data-focused enterprise.

Our ability to enable solutions, develop data products, and activate data for business value across all technology tiers from infrastructure to digital experiences differentiates us.