Contract Lifecycle Management

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Contract Lifecycle Management can be used to track and manage all aspects of a contract for its preparation, execution, renewal, compliance, performance, and other KPIs and through every stage of the document's lifecycle (from execution to renewal or expiration). The management process will begin when a contract is proposed and continues throughout the delivery of the promised services/goods and into contract renewal.

SUJOSU’s CLM will help your organization to minimize contract risks, ensure compliance with regulations, and stay organized from beginning to end. Effective contract lifecycle management helps to reduce costs and save time for your organization.

An effective contract lifecycle management process builds in time for your due diligence, management, and legal teams to regularly review contracts for compliance and performance.

In other words, CLM is essential for all modern organizations. Improving the contract lifecycle management process will allow you to stay better organized and up-to-speed on your company's contract performance. Furthermore, effective contract management will improve your governance and accountability, helping your company to avoid missteps that could affect its future.


Contract Management

Create/Edit and Manage your contracts


Track your contract renewals and contract expiry

Workflow Implementation

Implement your workflow process (BPEL) model in our solution that runs on the CAMUNDA modeler

Collaborative Contract

Collaborative Contract creation with back-and-forth contract exchange between the requester and legal department with comments and messages

Realtime Notifications

Realtime notifications for approvals, task notifications, and scheduled notification for expiry notifications, and renewal.


Search your contracts from your pool of new and old contracts


Track all the activities associated with contracts through the audit log feature


Import your existing contracts into the tool through an easy-to-use interface