Cloud Migration Offering

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SUJOSU's Cloud Migration Services helps handle your business’ cloud migration so you can concentrate on everything else. SUJOSU Consulting Cloud Migration Services helps boost the speed, performance, scalability, and security of your cloud adoption and transformation. Our experts will help you design the best migration strategy and roadmap for a secure, repeatable, and scalable path to the cloud.

Improved swiftness:

  • Helps you scale faster and improve time to market

Price Optimization:

  • Helps reduce IT Operating costs

Proven Strategy:

  • Helps to accelerate the transformation process


  • Leading technology provider


  • Scalability of servers and applications during peak season
  • Inflated costs of infrastructure, currently served by third-party data center provider
  • Lack of control over end-to-end security, which is limiting options for compliance requirements
  • High MS SQL Enterprise license cost
  • Minimal automation and low maturity in DevOps


  • Azure IaaS-based solution was chosen due to customizations required for hosting the applications; websites are deployed on load-balanced VM clusters
  • Redeploy the sites on Azure IaaS using Chef/Ruby through end-to-end automation
  • CI/CD automation enabled using Gitlab flow


  • 35% savings on hosting cost
  • 100% elimination of manual intervention for deployments and upgrades
  • Streamlined and optimized licensing of SQL Server on Azure SQL Managed Instance; minimal dependency for routine operational activities on SQL Server
  • On-demand scaling of application cluster on Azure