Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

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SUJOSU uses Design Thinking techniques and works with your business and subject matter experts to understand your Augmented Reality goals and challenges to define the solutions.

We collaborate with you through conceptualization, storyboarding, prototyping, and user testing, engaging you every step of the way to ensure we deliver an immersive and compelling experience.

We provide the technical solutions for enabling your vision of leveraging Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to meet your end objective of serving your customers. We have expertise in building AR/VR applications using OpenGL and WebGL technologies. Our multi-technologist team helps you build a comprehensive solution by combining multiple technologies such as IoT, AR/VR, Machine Learning and delivering the experience on web and mobile or special-purpose devices.

Our methodology helps us transform how our customer teams design, manufacture, operate and service their products and equipment. It benefits our customers with improved training of their service technicians, eliminates knowledge barriers with timely information and language barriers with visual 3D models, and facilitates better clarity and efficiency to the end-users across diverse industries.